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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Website Design & Business Mapping

Being a Small Business Owner, you are inundated with calls from lots of different companies claiming to be able to provide you with a great website, something that will cost you very little each month, or a small start-up fee and then at the end is when all the fees come to light.  

This is not your typical web shop.  We are not overseas.  We are in your neighborhood, working with you, face-to-face.  We build and design with you as part of our team and create your Business Mapping solution which helps to build your website.

What is Business Mapping?  Great Question!  Business Mapping is a process we use to help understand your business in an in depth way to help your customers navigate your website as well as lead them to the most profitable service you offer. We will go into greater detail upon consultation so that we can let you understand our process before we begin our work.

Once we achieve a solid Business Map, we will begin to build and wireframe your website.

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