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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Systems Integration & Training

Systems...Say What? Yes thats right!  Your small business is run on a series of systems that allow you to do your business-OR NOT!  As a small business, it can be challenging to know what specific "system" may be right to add onto your daily business.  Some systems can help with time tracking for your employees.  Some systems can manage your estimates and track your invoices.  And there is so much more!

Whether you have any of those systems in place or you are simply too busy to understand what you need to look into to make your business start running smoother and then even try and implement them into your daily practice and use, all while you're trying to run your business!?!  How the heck are you supposed to do all of this?  Get some Help!  The right solution for your small business is not the right solution for every business or every person. 

Having expertise with to help make the right decision can save an exorbitant amount of cost in the long run.  Chasing down the right piece of software for your small business can take time, and then money to purchase a subscription, and then both time and money to train your staff, and backfill the system with your information, all of which may not be the right piece of software to begin with.  

Systems Integration is a service we offer, designed to help layout the parts and pieces of your business and track down the right software the first time, then help to integrate this software into your daily business AND connect this software with other software components if possible. The "Goal" of Systems Integration is to provide clarity in Need & Priority for your Small Business so that your business can begin to run fluidly.


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