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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Keap & Infusionsoft CRM

The LightBox Group is now a Certified Partner with Keap CRM.  We have been using Infusionsoft CRM, which now introduces Keap, a whole new way to manage your clients and create automation flows like no other software can!

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There are no second chances when it comes to follow-up

Automating follow up ensures you’re responding to leads and client needs immediately. With Keap:

  • Every new lead is greeted with a personalized email message
  • Existing clients receive automated reminders, emails, and texts
  • The activity stream updates all communication
  • All interaction stored in one place

Automate Your Sales and Marketing

Keap’s powerful Campaign Builder can be configured any way you need it, then get to work automatically capturing and tagging new leads, assigning tasks, and sending emails that nurture new leads to paying clients.

Build Your Clientele Base & Know Your Customers

With a CRM like Keap, you will be able to customize the data that is stored for your clients, understand trends for your leads and know how you can achieve targeted sales using the Pipeline tools and reporting tools, all at your fingertips.  Running a small business can be challenging, having software do some of the work is priceless.

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