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Sunday, October 02, 2022

Bridging The Gap

At the heart of our services lies a deep need for connection.  It's this connection that allows the LightBox Group to bridge the gap between Digital world, Your Business and Your Customers!

We understand the complexities of running a small business and it's no small feat. After a FREE consultation, we can begin to ascertain the need of your business and prioritize what certain areas you may need to work through first.  

Core Services

Providing technological solutions through: 

  • Website Design with Business Mapping
  • CRM Solutions, Training & Implementation
  • Systems Integration & Training
  • Digital Media
  • Online Presence

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Web Design with Business Mapping

Being a Small Business Owner, you are inundated with calls from lots of different companies claiming to be able to provide you with a great website, something that will cost you very little each month, or a small start-up fee and then at the end is when all the fees come to light.  

This is not your typical web shop.  We are not overseas.  We are in your neighborhood, working with you, face-to-face.  We build and design with you as part of our team and create your Business Mapping...

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CRM Solutions, Training & Implementation

What is a CRM?  If that is your first question, we're glad you're here! A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management database.  Most small business don't have anything to track, maintain and reach out to their customer base to achieve that "low hanging fruit" sales approach to sell again to a customer that has already made a purchase from you. 

But there is so, so, so much more to it than that.  Its not about having a list of customers that you know you can call to try and sell them something, it's about being able to...

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Systems Integration & Training

Systems...Say What? Yes thats right!  Your small business is run on a series of systems that allow you to do your business-OR NOT!  As a small business, it can be challenging to know what specific "system" may be right to add onto your daily business.  Some systems can help with time tracking for your employees.  Some systems can manage your estimates and track your invoices.  And there is so much more!

Whether you have any of those systems in place or you are simply too busy to understand what you need to look into to make your business start running smoother and then even try and implement them into your daily practice and use, all while you're trying to run your business!?!  How the...

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Digital & Print Media

In this day and age, it's critical to have your presence not simply be online, but to make a splash, to hell with splash, make some waves!  It's important to be able to have someone on hand to help make a graphic or concept image or even a set of snappy slides built to show a prospective client.  Someone who understands your business and is ready and able to build whatever is needed at the drop of a hat.

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Your Online Presence-Your Digital Business Image

What does your online presence look like? Your web presence is more important than ever. What does your website look like? What is it all connected to? What are you telling the world, or not telling them by your website. The importance of your web standing and the ability for you to clearly communicate your products/services to your wanted client base is mostly dependent on your website.

Have your friends on Social Media heard from you in a while?  Today is the day...

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