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Sunday, October 02, 2022
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What Our Clients Say

  • I have known Tim for over 20 years and have watched him build his consulting group, the Lightbox Group, from the ground up, turning it into to a well proven aid to top level management and business owners through out the country. As Director of Marketing for Mikelson Yachts Inc (a manufacturer of custom yachts up to 80’) over the past 25 years and additionally, the owner of M. Loffer Yacht and Ship out of San Diego, California, I have had the opportunity to work with “other consulting groups”, none of which could hold a candle to Tim’s timeliness, professionalism and extremely positive demeanor. No matter what I needed, Tim made it happen, on time and within budget, allowing me to focus on revenue production and closing more deals, an area that my time was far better spent. Tim created and managed websites for me, both nationally and internationally, that gave my business the right “internet appeal”, allowing me to compete on a more level playing field, with far larger firms than I had been able to effectively compete with before. If you are interested in bringing in an innovative consulting group, with fresh ideas and a proven track record, a group that can both assess your company’s needs and get the job done in both a cost effective and timely manner, I could not recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Tim Haverstick and the Lightbox Group. I have full confidence that Tim and his staff will be able to help your company in taking that next step, just as he has helped mine. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me directly.
    Best Regards,
    Michael Loffer 619-972-7711

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Portfolio Diversity

Our Portfolio ranges from the wide need of our clients.  The connectivity that we provide allows our clients to stand back at 100,000 feet in the air and examine their need in a way that lets them hone in and choose the appropriate next step that is pertinent to their business.  There is no one prescription for what to do next that is a one-size-fits-all.  Your specific need is our specific focus.  

The Process

Our first meeting is about listening and understanding your business.  During this meeting we will begin to discuss where you think you may need to take your next step and we will give you our input.  Then we will make a plan to take the next steps and discuss pricing options for different components. Our objective is to minimize your cost by showing revenue increases with the upgrades and enhancements to your business. 

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