Monday, July 04, 2022

That Small Business Spark


Small Business.  It truly is an amazing thing.   There are so many Sparks, as I like to call them for this amazing thing to start taking shape.

There is the spark of the idea or maybe even a couple ideas.  There is the spark of the creation and how to start forming the ideas that will make the initial spark work and come to life. Then there is the spark to getting your ideas to market, to sell your idea.

Then there is the passion when the sales start rolling in and how to fulfill them.  And then the continual sparks of light, like a blanket of stars where everything is coming together and you have a business.  Your idea, Your Spark is now bringing you home money, creating the lifestyle you want.

Those sparks, that blanket of stars is what is so magical and so interesting.  It's the same magic that  formed the LightBox Group. That same magic is what keeps us helping to Build and Grow and Coach and Inform and Be A Part Of every small business we come into contact with.

Passion.  That is the fuel of the Spark.  This Passion is what you get with The Lightbox Group.  

We intend to be Steward of Your Small Business, standing side by side with you, creating and enhancing the customer experience to increase your revenue.  This is our goal and we will stand by it.

Spark on my friends, for the blanket of stars you create will be amazing!

Starting a Business


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Monday, 04 July 2022

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