Monday, July 04, 2022

CRM: Keap & InfusionSoft by Keap


Over the past few years, our team among other small businesses on the front range have been asking and searching for the best CRM  out there.  Let's face it, when you type in CRM in your Google Search, you get quite a few options.  Among the top, is Keap.  Sometimes it doesn't come up near the top and it very well should.  Keap CRM is light, nimble, agile and a sure fire winner fo so many small business solutions out there.  We have tested all the big one, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Copper and many more.  

If you're lost at this point and don't know what a CRM is, it's a Client Relationship Manager (database).  Its a repository where all your clients live and all the data that you need to track about your clients lives.  It's supposed to be able to handle information loads and categorize data so you can use it more effectively, especially in sales and marketing.  

Keap lets you customize your data fields, add up to 100 customizable fields and then also allows for what I like to call, Air Traffic Control, using Tags.  Tags are an amazing part of the Keap system that allow you to sort data and then DO something with the data.  A lot of programs allow you to have your data, some allow you to customize the information you have, but few take the next few steps like tags and then campaigns to take your data to the next level.  Let me explain. I have list of clients.  Some of them have bought widgets A, B and or C.  But I also sell services to sidecar those widgets, like for example, there is a service that can be sold with Widget A for an additional $100.  If the client purchases that additional service, I now that they might need Widget B and the service that goes with it in 6 months.  I can set a campaign to track the sales of Widget A and the side service with it, and then prompt a sale in 6 months to the client for Widget B in 6 months.  I don't even have to send the email, the system will do it for me, ALL AUTOMATED!  

For larger companies, this has been going on and to a much greater level for years, but now, with Keap, the Small Business World can take advantage of this sort of POWER for a low monthly fee.  Let me break down this fee.  If you were to hire an assistant at 35k a year (which is cheap) to do some of these tasks, would it be worth it to win 250k worth of business because of their efforts?  Of course.  Anyone who says no has no business being the leader of a business because it doesn't make financial sense otherwise.  So, putting it bluntly, breaking down your barrier to software because of the money is done simply above and that is a simple analogy but proves very true time and again.  Having a piece of software that enables you to take off a hat or two as a small business operator is critical for the business to grow.  

Keap is an amazing piece of software worth an Award.  If you have questions, or are interested in using Keap to Grow your business, there are many different options within Keap that can serve different business models.  I would urger you to get in touch and see how it can help GROW your business today.  

Give us a call to find out more: 303-960-5584

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Monday, 04 July 2022

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