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Sunday, October 02, 2022

The Spark

It all started when Our Founder, Tim Haverstick, ventured into his first small business.  Ha!  Baptism of fire all starting with a spark.  And that is what set it off, all of it, a spark.  That's the essence of Small Business.  One person, or a couple of people have this magical spark to create that new thing that hasn't been thought of, or they have created an idea of how to do it better.  So they start a Small Business.  Once Tim experienced that spark in others around him, it levied the belief that small business owners were the stewards of society; the people who brought on the true spirit of capitalism.  They were the people who employed others and took on the burden of maintaining and employing people to create growth and opportunity for others so that they may grow their business and improve the lives of people around them.

This was the Beginning

Noticing the sparks all around, realizing new Small Businesses start everyday, there was a need. This need was to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown, technology and the business.  The constant of man and machine.  This gap can and must be bridged in order to form a perfect union.    


The Lightbox Group: A Powerful Business Ally

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Our Mission

To bridge the gap between the digital world and your Small Business bringing fluidity and comprehension to your business and the relationship to your client.

Our Values

We value and will always, the hard working, up first and last to sleep, free capitalist minded entrepreneurs who fuel 92% of our working class!

Our Solution

To provide clarity in a world of chaotic new apps and systems that will ultimately create harmony once recognized and understood. 


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